Monday, December 20, 2010

An Introduction

My name is Amanda, and I have always been upset to a certain degree by what I see in my daily life. I see superficial goals, relationships, and discussions. I see violence, hatred, intolerance, and drug abuse. There is a huge gap where altruism and community engagement should be.

Instead of taking antidepressants or paying hundreds of dollars to pour my heart out to a professional, I have decided to take my enthusiasm and knack for empiricism to get some answers!

For a few years, I have toyed with the idea of starting a comprehensive organization to raise awareness on various issues and inspire action. I have favorited hundreds of related websites and typed up more than 100 pages of original ideas for an organization called Guide to Good (adorably abbreviated as G2G).

Now I think it is time to go public with my ideas and find out who, if anyone, is behind me, while doing some research to see how viable these ideas actually are. I will do this by observing the world around me, interviewing people and trying little experiments, and reading about these subjects. I will document everything on this blog and hopefully receive feedback and ideas in the comments.

I expect to start soon!

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