Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guide to Good: My Plan for a Better World

It's time for me to map out what I want for the world. My ultimate vision is to help all sorts of people lead meaningful lives, for my organization to be a “Guide to Good.” I believe that if we give people hope and opportunities for action, they will not only come together to solve problems, but they will also stop causing problems in the first place.

My current, relatively realistic plan begins with infiltrating the world wide web. I want a website that is both appealing and inspiring, drawing people in and spurring them to action. The current website is more of an outline than anything else, but I think I am on the right track: games, compelling media, a sorted list of ideas for making a difference, and just a little information on the overall mission. I have also finally made a Facebook page and Twitter account, which I hope I can use to start inspiring discussions and gain some interest in my ideas. I will connect people with opportunities for learning and involvement, which I hope to improve as time goes on.

Next, I would like to have booths at local festivals and public places. These should also teach people, inspire discussion, and lead to opportunities. I want to include fun activities, like a trivia game about social issues or a wall where people could share their thoughts and stories on a particular theme. I would also like to give out free samples of vegan food and eco-friendly products. Then, I would like to create places that serve as community hubs for making a difference. They would include a little library of helpful publications, and rooms for discussion. There would also be donation bins for clothing, food, toys, and other goods, which we would distribute among worthy organizations. Finally, I would like to organize our own festivals, which would include many interactive activities and booths of nonprofits, companies, and artists showcasing how they are making the world better and how we can too.

After all that, I would feel a bit more optimistic about the bigger goals. The mainstay would be an after school program, especially in impoverished communities, that teaches kids what it means to be a good person and how to engage with the world, while connecting it with academic subjects. The goal is to teach them to channel the passion, energy and hope we know they all have. The program would let them design their own hands-on projects that actually make a difference. I would also want to involve homeless individuals in some of our community projects and offer them healthy food and job counseling for their efforts. Finally, we could bring our lessons to other groups that want or need them: prisons, nursing homes, rehab centers, and even offices, classrooms and sports teams. I truly believe that every single person's life would be more rewarding if they learned how easy it is for them to help improve the world.

If you have any positive or negative opinion on anything I said, say so. If you have any knowledge or connections that can help my idea happen, please offer whatever you can. If you're on board, then get in touch with me so we can find a way for you to participate in this with me. At any rate, thank you for taking the time to read this whole entry. Hopefully this has given you some food for thought.